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Political Science


Head of History Department Dr. Laura Belmonte answers questions about detecting fake news and staying current on politics outside an election season.


A current hot topic that goes through many individuals minds are modern day American politics.


Although main elections may be over, many questions have arised in the area of fake news, in being able to find a reliable news source.


Dr. Laura Belmonte, Head of History Department specializes in post 1945 U.S. History with a subfield in U.S. foreign relations and politics. Dr. Belmonte answered questions about detecting fake news and how to stay on top of politics outside of election season.


Helpful tips Dr. Belmonte mentioned were:

  1. Don’t search on social media for news

    • An example would be Facebook. Facebook feed is tailored toward personal algorithms. Not giving you the most of every news source, making what you receive biased and not always accurate.


  2. It’s important to stay informed everyday on Politics

    • Decisions being made on the state, national and international level can affect your life. Examples would be healthcare, tuition and mortgage which always change periodically.


  3. Keeping up with Politics

    • A reliable News source is Politico which uses a daily Email blast titled; Political Playbook. The Skim and Vox are also a great news source outlets. Seek out fact checkers as well to make sure news sources are correct. 

Learn more about Dr. Laura Belmonte and the Department of History here

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