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Spring Gardening 


Oklahoma Gardening's Casey Hentges and OSU Master Gardener David Hillock give tips for successful spring gardening.


Helpful tips Casey and David mentioned were:

  1. What are types of flowers that bloom quickly? Are there types that have a long-lasting bloom season?

    • Cool season flowers like Pansies are great for fall and early spring. They will only bloom for a few weeks but will come back year after year.

    • Warm season annuals like Blue Daze shouldn't be planted until after the last freeze. These will only last one season but will be in bloom all summer long.

  2. What are the opportunities for the community to get involved with gardening in Oklahoma?

    • Events and workshops are held throughout the year by the County Extension Offices, the Botanic Gardens and even the OSU Horticulture Club.

  3. What are your tips for growing vegetables?

    • Remove the weeds and weed seeds by replacing the top 2 inches of the soil

      • Do not use a general weedkiller like Roundup on your edible plants

    • Fertilize the soil to bring nutrients back into it

    • Make sure you plant in an area with plenty of sun (6-8 hours of sunlight)

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