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Time Change 


The time change isn’t just about changing your clock. It’s also a great reminder to do some much-needed home maintenance twice a year.


In this video, professor Gina Peek shares important steps for preparing your home for the time change:


Here are some important areas that tend to go overlooked:

  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms and do a deep-cleaning for both fall and spring. This includes changing HVAC filters, dusting fan blades and air vents, and creating a donation pile for everything you no longer want or need.

  • Maintain the outside of your house as well. This includes eliminating places pests can harbor (like piles of leaves and wood near the house), checking gutters and downspouts, and evaluating the perimeter around the house.

  • Brighten your home in the winter by incorporating lamps, flame/flameless candles or mirrors to help reflect light.   

  • Check your home appliances to see if they need service.

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