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Hashtags have taken over social media platforms in the last few years, originating on Twitter but slowly making their way to Instagram and Facebook. Hashtags allow users to easily find messages, conversations, posts and content with a similar theme all in one place. Anyone can create a hashtag quickly and easily, but there are some key factors in making your hashtag successful.


Make it short and sweet.

A hashtag can be whatever you want it to be, but it’s best to keep them short, simple and easy to understand. For example, consistently using #okstate rather than #OklahomaStateUniversity keeps posts short and simple while still making the concept easy to understand.


Do not use punctuation in hashtags.

Punctuation marks and spaces will put an end to your hashtag, so make sure to spell out words like “and,” and don’t use periods, exclamation points or question marks unless they are at the very end of your hashtag (like in #GoPokes!). For example, use #LoyalAndTrue rather than #Loyal&True (which will only link as #Loyal).


Use capitalization to make your hashtags

more readable.

If hashtags are one word and already easy to read, like #okstate or #cowboys, use all lowercase letters. However, when using longer hashtags with more words, capitalize the first letter of each word to make your hashtag. For example, use #GoPokes rather than #gopokes, or #OrangeFriday rather than #orangefriday.


Using capital letters to separate the words in your hashtag will differentiate the words from each other so your hashtag is easy to read and understand quickly.


Below is a list of official university hashtags:

#okstate – Represents all conversations about Oklahoma State University. Include in posts you want to be connected with OSU and its audiences.

NOTE: When creating a hashtag or naming a social media account that includes “okstate” and multiple words, the first letter of each subsequent word would be capitalized.


  • For instance, the Oklahoma State University Pet Center would be #okstatePetCenter. 


#GoPokes – A cheerful phrase that encompasses the Cowboy spirit. Use to emphasize excitement in your social content.

#AmericasBrightestOrange – OSU’s official tagline. Use to emphasize OSU as a national leader in academics and research.

#AmericasHealthiestCampus – Use in any wellness-related post to emphasize OSU’s efforts as America’s Healthiest Campus.

#OrangeFriday – Celebrates the OSU tradition of wearing orange on Fridays.

#CowboyFamily – Emphasizes the family atmosphere at #okstate.

#okstate20 (or other class number) - OSU’s official tag for future Cowboys. Used to connect with incoming freshmen. Number changes with graduation year. For example, the class of 2021’s hashtag will be #okstate21

#okstate125 – OSU’s official hashtag for content related to its 125th anniversary. Use in any post that includes content from

#BeAnOSUCowboy – Used in posts encouraging prospective students to be an OSU Cowboy.

#WellnessWednesday – Used each Wednesday to highlight wellness efforts at #okstate.

#okstateHC – OSU’s official Homecoming hashtag.

#OrangePower – The hashtag used to invoke the power of all things #ORANGE in your social content

#LoyalAndTrue - A nostalgic phrase that elicits the spirit and dedication of the Cowboy Family

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